MINM Review: Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

Good Me, Bad Me is a dark, psychological suspense debut that is enthralling from the first page to the last. There may be nothing quite better than the synergy between a captivating, subtly sinister and creepy work of crime fiction, and a professional narrator who gives an award-worthy reading of the novel.

Violence: Mild-to-Moderate

Profanity: Moderate

Sexual Content: Mild-to-Moderate

Explicit Language: Mild-to-Moderate

Animal Cruelty: Mild

Thrilling Action: Mild

Red Herrings: Moderate

Twists and Turns: Moderate

Suspense: Moderate

Plot Development: Moderate

Character Development: Moderate-to-High

Pages: 292 (Hardcover)

Length: 10 hrs. 4 mins. (Audio Book)

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land book cover image

Publisher's Blurb:

INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! HOW FAR DOES THE APPLE REALLY FALL FROM THE TREE? Good Me, Bad Me is a dark, compelling, voice-driven psychological suspense by debut author Ali Land: "Could not be more unputdownable if it was slathered with superglue." Sunday Express. Milly's mother is a serial killer. Though Milly loves her mother, the only way to make her stop is to turn her in to the police. Milly is given a fresh start: a new identity, a home with an affluent foster family, and a spot at an exclusive private school. But Milly has secrets, and life at her new home becomes complicated. As her mother's trial looms, with Milly as the star witness, Milly starts to wonder how much of her is nature, how much of her is nurture, and whether she is doomed to turn out like her mother, after all. When tensions rise and Milly feels trapped by her shiny new life, she has to decide: Will she be good? Or is she bad? She is, after all, her mother's daughter.

Best for Crime Fiction Readers:

  • Who enjoy courtroom drama.
  • Who are interested in the experiences and psychology of adolescents.
  • Who appreciate young adult fiction that is both appealing to, and appropriate for, older teens, as well as adults. Please note that Good Me, Bad Me does explore some very dark themes.
  • Who enjoy books that reach deeply into their characters' psyches. The author's training and professional experience in mental health is evident in the pages of the novel.
  • Who enjoy audio books. If you enjoy listening to audio books, don't miss Imogen Church's tour de force performance of the novel. Good Me, Bad Me would also make a terrific, albeit unsettling, movie.

MINM Overall Rating: 5/5

A Note About Audio Books.......

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