MINM Review: Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo

Irresistibly atmospheric with the sights, sounds, and mouth-watering aromas of fictional Amish communities in northeastern Ohio, and the not-so-quaint mysterious and murderous happenings that find their way to these, otherwise, sleepy hamlets, Ms. Castillo has outdone herself with this latest installment - which can be read as a standalone - of the recommended Kate Burkholder series.

Violence: Moderate

Profanity: Moderate

Sexual Content: Mild-to-Moderate

Explicit Language: Mild-to-Moderate

Animal Cruelty: None

Thrilling Action: Moderate-to-High

Red Herrings: Mild-to-Moderate

Twists and Turns: Moderate

Suspense: Moderate-to-High

Plot Development: Moderate-to-High

Character Development: Moderate-to-High

Pages: 320 (Hardcover)

Best for Crime Fiction Readers:

  • Who enjoy reading police procedurals. Down a Dark Road focuses on the investigative work of Kate Burkholder, who left her Amish community when she was 18, and now serves as the police chief of fictitious Painters Mill, Ohio.
  • Who appreciate crime fiction that provides a window into another culture.
  • Who enjoy crime fiction with a coming-of-age element. This aspect of the story line is told in powerful, impactful flashbacks.
  • Who appreciate, or don't mind, crime and mystery fiction with just a sprinkling of romance.
  • Who enjoy thrills in their crime fiction. There are more than a few edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, adrenaline-producing scenes of danger in Down a Dark Road. 

MINM Overall Rating: 5/5

Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo book cover image.jpg

Publisher's Blurb:

In this electrifying new thriller in the New York Times bestselling series, a convicted murderer is on the run and Chief of Police Kate Burkholder must catch him before he strikes again.

Eight years ago Joseph King was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison. He was a "fallen" Amish man and, according to local law enforcement, a known drug user with a violent temper. Now King has escaped, and he’s headed for Painters Mill.

News of a murderer on the loose travels like wildfire, putting Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her team of officers on edge. A nightmare scenario becomes reality when King shows up with a gun and kidnaps his five children from their Amish uncle’s house. King’s armed and desperate with nothing left to lose.

Fearing for the safety of the children, Kate leaps into action, but her frantic search for a killer leads her into an ambush. When King releases her unharmed, asking her to prove his innocence, she begins to wonder whether the police are hiding something, and she embarks on her own investigation to discover the truth.