MINM Review: Exquisite by Sarah Stovell

A well-written, slow-burning, character-driven novel of subtle, psychological seduction and suspense.

Violence: Mild

Profanity: Mild

Sexual Content: Mild-to-Moderate

Explicit Language: Mild-to-Moderate

Animal Cruelty: None

Thrilling Action: None

Red Herrings: Mild-to-Moderate

Twists and Turns: Mild

Suspense: Mild-to-Moderate

Plot Development: Mild-to-Moderate

Character Development: Moderate

Pages: 300 (Paperback)

Exquisite by Sarah Stovell book cover image.jpg

Publisher's Blurb:

Bo Luxton has it all—a loving family, a beautiful home in the Lake District, and a clutch of bestselling books to her name. Enter Alice Dark, an aspiring writer who is drifting through life, with a series of dead-end jobs and a freeloading boyfriend. When they meet at a writers’ retreat, the chemistry is instant, and a sinister relationship develops. Or does it? Breathlessly pacey, taut and terrifying, Exquisite is a startlingly original and unbalancing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page. 

Best for Crime Fiction Readers:

  • Who enjoy crime fiction exploring strong, complicated female protagonists, and the complexity of their lives.
  • Who are interested in diverse romantic relationships in their crime fiction.
  • Who appreciate beautiful writing. At times, Exquisite evokes the tragic romanticism of another era.
  • Who enjoy domestic suspense. Exquisite becomes increasingly unsettling and sinister around the halfway mark.
  • Who don't mind a slowly unfolding plot that rewards the reader with rich character development and subtle, sexy, psychological suspense.

MINM Overall Rating: 4.5/5