Book Review: THE HIDING PLACE by C.J. Tudor

The Hiding Place, by British author C.J. Tudor, is, undoubtedly, one of the best books that Mystery in Minutes will read in 2019! I feel quite confident about this, and it’s only the beginning of the year! Ms. Tudor’s sophomore novel is beautifully constructed, with a wonderful sense of place, and a plot that kept me glued to the pages! If you enjoy well-written, crime fiction with a strong dose of horror, this is the book for YOU!

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Book Review: His Perfect Wife by Natasha Bell

Are you a literary fiction fan who is crime fiction-curious? Do you enjoy crime novels, but appreciate those that are on the more cerebral end of the mystery fiction spectrum? With a special focus on women’s issues, as well as on the arts, Natasha Bell’s His Perfect Wife is an ambitious, well-written, psychologically-complex debut that will resonate strongly with many women and provoke much discussion. His Perfect Wife would certainly make an interesting selection for Emma Watson’s Goodreads book club, “Our Shared Shelf”, and/or Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club on Audible.

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MINM Book Review: The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton

Are you looking for a crime novel that is devilishly dark, brooding, and gothic, tinged with horror and more than a little of the supernatural, with an antagonist who employs a most ghoulish method of dispatching victims? Then curl up in your favorite reading chair with your preferred, piping hot “cuppa”, and dig into this deeply personal story by British author, Sharon Bolton. The Craftsman screams out to be read in front of a crackling fire, or during an electrical storm, with lightning flashes periodically illuminating the windows! Ms. Bolton’s latest, hauntingly atmospheric offering, the first in a new trilogy, is tailor-made for the Halloween season!

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Book Review: The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

A deliciously devious, psychological suspense novel that would be a great choice to have at the ready as you prepare yourself for the autumn and winter family holidays, British novelist Sandie Jones's crime fiction debut is not about what you might think……..

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MINM Book Review: Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Two thumbs up! Way up!! Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman hit all the sweet spots for this reviewer, and is a Mystery in Minutes 2018 favorite! If, like me, you love to "shout" at book characters during highly suspenseful scenes, then get those vocal cords warmed up and buckle your seat belts, because Something in the Water becomes an increasingly tense, immersive, and utterly gripping ride, as it taps into primal fears that many of us share! Ms. Steadman’s novel also takes the amateur detective plot device, and turns it on its head!

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MINM Review: Dying Truth by Angela Marsons

Building to a breath-holding, heart-pounding, race-against-time climax, Dying Truth is installment eight of the Detective Inspector Kim Stone crime thriller series, written by Angela Marsons. Dying Truth opens with an action-packed prologue that foreshadows its denouement. The remainder of the novel counts down toward its life-or-death-hanging-in-the-balance-finish!

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MINM Review: Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall

Haunting and thought-provoking, with an underlying sense of inescapable menace, Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall is a psychological drama that keeps the reader enthralled and turning the pages right up until its unsettling finish.

Our Kind of Cruelty is, at its heart, the tale of one character's obsessive fixation with another.

Or is it?

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MINM: Wishes our readers Happy Holidays with an excerpt from Magpie Murders

We will return in the beginning of 2018 with our review of British author C.J. Tudors's debut, The Chalk Man, which releases in the U.S. on January 9th. Mystery in Minutes wishes all of our readers and subscribers pleasurable reading, and peaceful and joyous holidays!

Read more for an excerpt of our most recently reviewed book, Magpie Murders, by London author Anthony Horowitz.......

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MINM Review: Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

A tour de force valentine to books and reading, in general, and to the British whodunit murder mysteries of the golden age, in particular. Magpie Murders wins the award for the most highly developed plot read by Mystery in Minutes in 2017, and it would make a wonderful choice for the bookish traditionalist on your holiday season gift list.

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